“All the world’s a stage…”

You can shine on that stage. It does require work and discipline, yet it is worthwhile and fun.

Have you read somewhere that the deepest human fear is the fear of public speaking? That is, unsurprisingly, wrong. 2019 Chapman University Survey on American Fears found public speaking at No 60, behind death (54), sharks (51), and…losing one’s data and photos in a disaster (36). That’s the science.

Still, fear of speaking in public is a biological reality, rooted in our survival instinct and need for affiliation.

It can stop us from sharing thoughts, opinions, ideas. It can make us sound disengaged and, let’s put it straight, boring. Think of how damaging it is to our motivation and stamina when leaders fail to energize and inspire us!

What’s in there for you

You have tremendous knowledge and experience. You are passionate about what you do.

Yet does it show?

I can help you get in touch with your soul, so that you convey emotions and engagement when you speak.

You will move, inspire and influence: in a large group or 1-2-1, in person or online. You will take people on board, energize audiences and feel connected to yourself and others in stressful moments, even with a screen between you and those on the receiving end.

Together, we can remove speaking anxiety in high-stake situations and hand back the fun, joy and liberating power speaking well and forcefully can generate. A real upgrade to your life!

Once you know how to speak about what matters to you, it starts mattering more to others.

You enter a virtuous circle.

Rock the virtual workplace

A challenge many of us face today: how to nurture high energy and passion to perform in a virtual work environment?

A strong presence is the name of the game.

Translating your story to virtual requires strategy. If you are only activating your video camera, you take the risk to miss opportunities.

Online or offline, it comes down to your presence and mindset.

You can help create a more energizing and inspiring work environment, a key success factor for peak performance.

Come join our sPEAKing community!


Your coach

After graduating from ESCP-EAP (Paris) and before starting as a freelancer, I have been teaming up with executives up to the board level in various industries and functions, as well as entrepreneurs and activists, to help them feel at their best in high stakes speaking situations and reconnect with the power of their voice and presence.

PC: Caroline Krajcir