Our sPEAKing workshop or 1-2-1 coaching are made for you if you need to motivate, inspire and influence: in a large group, face- to-face or in a virtual set up.

Working with us, you enhance your ability to connect with people,inspire them, move them to action and raise their engagement. You become aware of how you can influence your “state” and energy and develop a prep routine to condition yourself before high-stake presentations or conversations. It is about engaging others both intellectually and emotionally, leveraging passion and purpose and overcoming self-limiting insecurities.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. We focus on what you need to change and how to leverage your unique strengths and lift blockers to shape your own style. A large amount of the time is spent on practice and feedback.

The one-day group workshop features four modules. It can include practice video recording, in-room coaching and private coaching sessions. Individual coaching uses the same approach with an emphasis on some of the modules according to your learning objectives.


1-2-1 Coaching (face-to-face or online)

You can unleash your presence. Bring out your unique abilities for high impact as a speaker!

Design and deliver your message to capture and hold listeners’ attention, exert influence and get to the results you aim for.

Your coach will help you gain control on your “inner theatre”, physical presence and mindset in high-stakes situations – in a formal presentation context or a conversation. It is not about pretending to be another person but become more authentic tapping into your concentration, energy, enthusiasm and deeper purpose to really enjoy public speaking and take any audience on board.

The sPEAKing Programme (classroom-based or online)

Together, we create more energizing and inspiring work environments, a key success factor for peak performance. Join the sPEAKing community!

One-day classroom workshop in a small group (max 6 participants/coach when classroom-based) with in-class and private coaching and feedback. Includes 1-2-1 pre-workshop assessment and feedback. Followed by a 1-2-1 coaching session at an additional cost.

Combining theory and practice, we focus on 1. content, independently of the topic: how to craft a message using rhetoric and structure to be more compelling; 2. delivery, with methods inspired from the performing arts: focus on voice skills and dynamic vocal delivery, posture, grounding and find one’s own effective and authentic body language and state of mind. The four modules of the programme are: Preparation, Content, Conditioning and Delivery.

On request, the second coach for the Programme can be a world top professional ballet dancer, sharing experience, best practices and tips on how to overcome stage fright, use breath and posture for optimal impact.


  • Acquire a simple process to prepare for high stake conversations/presentations.
  • Understand (and tame) anxiety. Making sense of fear and labelling it. Let’s talk evolutionary adaptation! We homo sapiens are not wired to be good public speakers learn why!
  • Raise awareness of your physical presence. Understand impact of and practice eye communication, posture, gestures, facial expression, and occupation of space. Centre, align, balance and release to find back your natural voice.
  • Find your true voice. Identify and remove tensions and blockers. There is nothing like a bad voice. We work on getting rid of the habits that prevent us from sounding like ourselves.
  • Own your unique charisma. Everything you always wanted to know about charisma and what it means for you.
  • Change mindset. Shift focus and explore self-limiting beliefs and patterns.
  • Shape and commit to your development routine. Find your own practice routine exploring techniques that will help you grow your impact in the long run.

Keynote (classroom-based or online)

Thanks to my public speaking experience (1500+ audiences, live TV interviews) and passion for the topic, my keynotes raise awareness on how empowering working on one’s voice and presence can be. They are informative, fun and entertaining – and tailored to your needs. They aim at boosting engagement, excitement and motivation to act.

On request: learn from a world top dancer how he/she manages stage fright and gears up for peak performance.

Keynote's takeaways

  • An injection of energy and a can-do attitude
  • Understand the possibility for change and get inspired to do it as well!
  • Key learning from neuroscience & psychology of human behaviour
  • Hands-on exercises and tools to try out immediately
  • Insights into breaking through blocks to maximise potential

PC: Selina Meier and Caroline Krajcir